Power Of The Toys

A great website owned by my good friend Shawn Kemple. Power of the toys features some great collector articles like the famous AFA U grading story. Shawn has also written some extensive collector guides about coins and mailers.

Imperial Gunnery

Collector resource for reproduction and genuine weapons and accessories.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive

Without a doubt, the SWCA is the most comprehensive collector site on the internet. If you want to know about a specific Star Wars toy be it a bootleg, production, pre-production or prototype then the Archive will have it!

Lando’s Locker

Great loose and carded variation site. – Canadian Vintage Star Wars

The most comprehensive Canadian Vintage reference site on the internet.

Mr Palitoy’s Cardback Guide

The updated and most comprehensive Palitoy cardback guide on the internet ran by Jason Smith. Based on John Ford’s original site –

The Vintage Toy Advertiser

A great site dedicated to vintage toy adverts, started by my good friend and fellow Vintage collector Paul Ford.

9 Holy Grails Blog

Amazing Vintage Star Wars blog, showcasing the rarest of the rare!

Vintage Die Cast Resource

A great site dedicated to the die cast toys of the Vintage era.


Rebelscum Vintage Forums

Probably the largest Vintage Star Wars forum on the internet – a great place to learn, make friends and buy & sell toys!

Star Wars Forum (UK)

Relaxed UK Vintage Star Wars forum.

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