Trilogo Figure Focus Collecting

Figure focus collecting. Slightly odd or totally amazing? You decide..

(Picture courtesy of Bill Cable & the very cool

As you might imagine, there are collectors out there that struggle a little with the idea of a focus collection. In fact, many people think that collecting multiples of the same figure is downright weird!

There is no denying that a shelf full of virtually identical figures hardly makes for the most diverse display (or even the most eye pleasing one)..but whatever you make of focus collectors/collecting, the truth is that without them, the collecting world would be a very different one.

Focus collectors are some of the most dedicated collectors out there and the devotion they show for their favourite character(s) combined with a hunger for information and a desire to hunt down even the most obscure variations may well seem “weird” but it really sets them apart from other collectors. In fact I would go as far as saying that they are often some of the most knowledgeable collectors you will ever come across.

As far as helping others goes, focus collectors are also some of the best people to speak to if you need help because they just love sharing the knowledge they have gained with other people. It’s quite logical for people to turn to focus collectors for answers too..I mean, who else are you going to ask for help if you find out how many loose variations of Luke Jedi there are other than a Luke Jedi focus collector? Who else is going to know exactly how many cardbacks you can find C-3P0 on other than one of the many Threepio collectors out there? Which other group of collectors are going to push the boundaries and limits of Vintage collecting more so than focus collectors? Convinced yet? 😉

It’s ok if you still think focus collectors are an odd bunch because whatever you make of “focus collecting” there is no doubt that the work and research done by collectors that have devoted their time and energy to a single figure almost always has a beneficial impact on collecting for the rest of the community, which I’m sure most will agree is a very positive thing.

At this point, you may be wondering what all of this has to do with and indeed Trilogos. Well, the world of Trilogos has a lot to offer figure focus collectors in the form of carded variations so I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase some of my favourite Trilogo variant collections from around the world (and perhaps convert a few more people to this area of collecting!) because the work these guys have put into their collections is incredible.


Exploring Trilogo Variations

Any collector with an interest in Trilogos will have noticed that there are a lot of different variations out there. Large & small bubbles, special shaped bubbles, import stickers, special offers & even differences in cardbacks depending on where the figure was released.. you name it, Trilogo collecting has it! 

Naturally, many focus collectors are in collecting heaven when it comes to Trilogo variants & appreciate having the chance to add more carded figures to their collection.

As many of those reading will know, I am a focus collector myself and have been for the last 8 years. During that time I managed to pick up quite a few Trilogo variants for 8D8 (almost by accident!) and believe it or not, when the picture below was taken I was still missing two or three of the harder to find variations!

The collection consisted of various different Palitoy variants, a Meccano and a few import stickers (Italian + Clipper offer). The missing figures from the run were all of Spanish origin and quite hard to track down.

Moving on to some slightly more interesting characters now 😉 Here are two great collections formed around Luke Jedi and the Rebel Commando:

You may have seen their collections before but if you haven’t read the interview I did with Shawn K & Chris B then I highly recommend checking it out:  Click here! You’ll be able to read all about their take on focus collecting and Trilogo variants and find out a little more about the figures shown above.


Fredrik Juthberg from Sweden has a truly world class focus on the medical droid, 2-1B and he’s done a great job of rounding up carded variations for the figure! The highlights for me are the Threepio miscard and the small bubble with Clipper starburst sticker.


Sweden is actually home to some of the most amazing collections and collectors out there and some of you may be familiar with Mattias Rendahl’s Chief Chirpa focus collection already. If not and you want to check out a great interview with him then click here! 


Next up is one of my personal favourites because I believe this to be one of the most comprehensive Darth Vader Trilogo collections in the world.

Not content with the various bubble and card variations, Australian collector Pat O’Brien (aka Darth_Daddius) has also included two amazing Vader miscards too.


And finally, this fantastic Lobot collection belongs to Mark Kennedy (aka DarthStanley) from the UK. He’s been fortunate enough to obtain the extremely hard to find double stem bubble variation produced by Meccano and a very cool Italian Import stickered Trilogo too. His latest acquisition to the collection is the Miscard bubble variation which can be seen on the bottom left of the picture.

It literally takes years to put together runs like the ones shown above and while that might sound off-putting or even frustrating, it’s actually extremely rewarding! Whether it’s a strange bubble variant or an import sticker can be a real task to track these things down and provides collectors with an entertaining and long hunt to enjoy!

If you have a collection of Trilogo variants for a single figure, similar to the ones shown above and want to share a picture, please do get in contact! The only requirement is to have a minimum of four different variations.


Resources & tips for collectors

Working out which Trilogo variations are out there for each character may seem daunting at first but don’t worry, help is at hand. 

As well as the advanced guide to cardbacks, bubble guide and guide to import stickers, the matrix is the most up to date on-line resource for known variations so it’s never been easier to find out what exists for your favourite characters.

You can check it out just by clicking here: Matrix 

There are also some great communities out there for you to ask for help on. Why not sign up to Rebelscum, SWFUK or the forum & Facebook group.

However, the single most important piece of advice anyone can give to a budding focus collector turning to Trilogos in order to expand their collection is actually this: Never, EVER choose a figure that was only produced on a Trilogo Hybrid card..or you may end up in a rather unhappy place, just look at this guy!

We love you Johan! Need a tissue?



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