What are Trilogos?

The Trilogo Concept

In 1984, a new design of Star Wars packaging was introduced for the European market.

The main aim was to cut costs and combine multiple languages for easier distribution.

This new packaging style came to be known by collectors as “Trilogo” due to the style of logo that was used.

As far as 3 3/4″ figures are concerned, almost all of them were packaged on some form of Trilogo card with the exception of the following:

  • 4-LOM
  • Death Squad Commander*
  • C3-P0 (original)
  • R2-D2 (solid dome)*
  • Power Droid
  • Walrus Man

*(R2-D2 solid dome can only be found on French Meccano Trilogos and while the Death Squad Commander exists on a “miscard”, it was never released on it’s correct card)

There are a few figures (Greedo, Cloud Car Pilot, Hammerhead, both Bespin Guards and Snaggletooth) that were released during the Trilogo period but not on “true” front and back Trilogo cards.

As well as the action figures themselves, a selection of boxed vehicles, mini rigs, playpacks and playsets were also released in Trilogo packaging.

Trilogo figures and boxed toys were produced and sold right up until 1985/86.

Return Of The Jedi Three Logo Design

The new packaging combined the translated ROTJ logos that were used on earlier Spanish, French and English cards. 

You can see below how each logo was reduced in size and used to create a cascading three logo effect.

In actual fact, there are 6 languages in total represented on the card in the “Ages 4 and up” and the “Collect all 70” text. (English, Spanish,French, German, Dutch and Italian)

Power Of The Force Three Logo Design

Interestingly, after the ROTJ design had been used on packaging for a little while, the Kenner POTF (Power Of The Force) logo was also adapted for use in Europe.

Unfortunately, the trilingual POTF logo was never used on 3 3/4″ figure packaging in Europe and it wasn’t even used on that many toys but if you click here, you can see the POTF Trilogo toys that were released.

The end of the Trilogo period

After interest in Return of the Jedi (and Star Wars as a franchise) had died down, production came to a grinding halt.

Trilogo figures were produced in such large quantities that there was a huge amount of overstock to deal with. 

You can read more about what happened to some of that overstock here.

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