Only three larger sized vehicles were released in Trilogo boxes:

  • B-Wing Fighter
  • X-Wing Fighter
  • Y-Wing Fighter

While the B-Wing is relatively common, it wasn’t until recently (2009) that the Y-Wing was even confirmed to exist. Stephane Faucourt made the amazing discovery and to date there are only two known examples.

The X-wing is also a very hard to find Trilogo boxed vehicle, only a handful are known to be in collectors hands.

It’s possible that the reason the X-Wing and Y-Wing are so hard to find is because the decision to re-issue them in Trilogo packaging was made just before the line ended which resulted in them having a very limited production run.

Most Trilogo boxed toys can be found with some minor sticker variations like the “Special Buy” UK price sticker. You can also find boxes with import stickers attached, there are some shown in this section of the site – Import Stickers

B-Wing Fighter

B-Wing Contents List:

  • B-Wing Fighter & Inserts
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions
  • ROTJ Trilogo Poster

X-Wing Fighter

X-Wing Contents List:

  • X-Wing Fighter & Inserts
  • 4 X Laser Cannons
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions
  • (Possibly includes the ROTJ Trilogo Poster)

The Trilogo X-Wing box artwork is notably different compared to earlier versions and features a different image of  Luke, Yoda and Ben on Dagobah.

There are also some slight size differences when compared to earlier boxed X-Wings too. The Trilogo version in fact smaller than the ROTJ version for some reason and the box is also marked “Made in Spain” (much like some of the harder to find mini rigs).

The instructions are the same as the earlier ROTJ version which is often the case with Trilogo repacks. 

While the box states the toy was Made in Spain, the ones that have surfaced have been found in Germany & the UK if that is any indication of their distribution in Europe.

Y-Wing Fighter

Saving the best till last!

Simply put, this is quite possibly the rarest production ship known to exist.

This is the very same Trilogo Y-Wing mentioned earlier which was discovered back in 2009 by Stephane Faucourt. 

When this example surfaced it not only proved the toys existence but it also gave hope to collectors that even more previously undocumented vehicles could turn up in Trilogo packaging in the future. 

The Y-wing box is marked “Made in UK” on the side (many of the boxed Trilogo toys are often marked as “Made in Spain”) and it was bought in Ireland around 1990 by the previous owner so it’s likely a Palitoy product with distribution limited to the UK.

When compared to the Bilogo release box (above) the cascading logo is not the only noticeable difference.

The picture of the Y-Wing with Lando, Ackbar, Nunb and Madine may look similar but it was actually re-shot for the Trilogo box in an attempt to look as close as possible to the earlier version.

There are some subtle differences between the two which shows that the entire packaging design was reworked for it’s Trilogo release. The figures are in slightly different positions and the vehicle on the Trilogo box appears to be a production toy (unlike the Y-Wing on the Bilogo box).

Stephane noticed that when compared to his Bilogo version, the ship that came with the Trilogo box also shows some slight differences too.

The struts which attach to the rear engines appear to be a much darker grey and they are also made of a harder plastic.

(Bilogo on the left & Trilogo on the right)

The country of origin markings on the Trilogo ship were also slightly different. As you can see in the pictures, the Trilogo Y-Wing’s COO is in a different position to the Bilogo Stephane compared it to.

It’s important to note that the COO shown above is NOT confirmed as a Trilogo exclusive COO however and more research is needed before that conclusion can be made.

Even if the actual toy has some physical differences which are not present on other releases, only one example has been studied so far so there simply isn’t enough evidence to prove that this particular vehicles characteristics are unique to the Trilogo box.  

There have been a few sellers on eBay advertising loose Y-Wing ships as “Trilogo Y-Wings” (based on this article) but in my opinion, the value of a Trilogo Y-Wing is firmly in the packaging and people should be careful not to spend too much money on what they believe to be loose version of this hard to find vehicle for the time being.

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