For many years, Trilogo miscards were simply viewed as clumsy production accidents.

While that may be true for some errors, the majority of miscards were in fact an intentional method of packaging figures in order to clear overstock.

Most of them were sealed to the cards using a very thin and fragile bubble type which is very cheap and prone to developing cracks. The exact same bubble can be found on a few ROTJ Meccano miscard figures as well, which were likely produced at the same time.

Although some miscard combinations seem odd, there is actually a pattern that emerges time and time again which shows that there was some method to the madness.

While the following is not always true you will find many examples of:

  • Robot figures on Robot cards
  • Rebel figures on Rebel cards
  • Imperial figures on Imperial cards
  • Alien figures on Alien cards

As you can see, there was some attempt made to pair up figures and cards, even if it didn’t always work very well!

As mentioned, not all of these intentional miscards make sense however and there are certainly exceptions to the rule above.

Perhaps the strangest of them all is the Biker Scout figure on an R5-D4 card (seen below) but again, this combination can be found time and time again. Far too often for it to simply be a production error. 


Many of the Rebel figures that were miscarded are earlier versions of the figure depicted on the card. Han Solo original on Han Bespin card, or Lando Calrissian on a Lando General Card for example.

In France, it’s quite common to find the original solid dome R2-D2 figure (which incidentally was not reissued during the Trilogo era) packaged on R2-D2 with Sensorscope cards.

There is one miscard that isn’t quite like the others though and that is Klaatu on Klaatu Skiff.

This particular miscard is only found on a specific type of card with a rounded bubble (not the small and very fragile bubble that is usually seen on miscards).

So while Klaatu appears to have been packaged in a different location to the rest, there is still no doubt that this was an intentional method of packaging and not an error.



While most miscards are considered to be novelties rather than rarities, the Death Squad Commander on AT-ST card is actually considered one of the rarest Trilogos to own! This is because the Death Squad Commander figure was never actually released on a Trilogo card so the miscard version is literally the only way to add him to a Trilogo set.

Even though the Trilogo period was probably pretty chaotic for those involved in producing and packaging the toys, real miscards are still few and far between. The true “errors” of production are actually far more forgiveable and pretty boring. I’m referring to things like missing weapons, not enough weapons or sometimes one too many, but hey..we all make mistakes, right? 🙂 

Check out some great Trilogo “miscards” below!



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Thanks to everyone that contributed to this article by sharing some miscards from their collections.

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