The Power Of The Force Playpacks are some of the coolest toys released!

The Playpacks contained not only vehicles or creatures but figures as well for children to recreate scenes from the movies.

Only three Playpacks were released:

  • Endor Chase
  • Ewok Combat
  • Hoth Rescue

Both the Hoth Rescue and Endor Chase playsets are commonly found with bagged figures, however the Ewok Combat playset was also packed with CARDED figures at times! The Trilogo & ROTJ Kenner cards that were used had to be completely folded in half to fit in the boxes.

So far there seems to be three possible combinations of figures inside the Ewok Combat box, either all bagged, all carded or a mixture of carded and bagged (usually 2 carded figures and 2 bagged ones)

Most Trilogo boxed toys can be found with some minor sticker variations like the “Special Buy” UK price sticker. You can also find boxes with import stickers attached, there are some shown in this section of the site – Import Stickers

Endor Chase Playpack

Endor Chase Playpack Contents List:

  • 1 X Speeder Bike in plastic insert tray
  • 4 X Bagged figures (2 X Biker Scout, Leia Poncho & Wicket)
  • Instructions
  • ROTJ Trilogo Poster

Ewok Combat Playpack

Ewok Combat Playpack Contents List:

  • Bagged Ewok Catapult & Boulders
  • 4 Figures either on folded cards or in baggies (2 X Stormtrooper, Teebo & Wicket)
  • Instructions

(Ewok Combat Playpack shown packaged with 4 Carded figures)

Hoth Rescue Playpack

Hoth Rescue Playpack Contents List: TBC


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