Ewok Warriors

Are Ewoks all the same? Does anyone care if you get their names right?

Trilogo.info presents: The Ewok Warriors

In the Trilogo world, there are a lot of  interesting anomalies. Many of them came about because of how quickly things happened towards the end of the Vintage line (miscards for example) and are more often than not, just a by-product of cost cutting methods. However, some are actually the result of quick thinking during production.

In Spain, GMJ (General Mills Juguetes) came up against a problem..

For some reason, it seems that the photo art for both Paploo and Lumat was not available even though the figures were. So, in true “Ewoks are all the same anyway” style, they came up with a genius idea that enabled them to go ahead and card both figures without using the correct artwork.

In order to get the two new Ewoks on the shelves, they simply changed the nameplate on the existing Wicket card to Paploo and Lumat and then carried on production! 

You can see in the picture above that both nameplates were changed intentionally to reflect the figure inside the bubble but both have a picture of Wicket on the card.

It was only a temporary measure though, as Lumat and Paploo were eventually released in Spain on corrected cards (like the Lumat below).



Both Lumat and Paploo Warrior cards are very rare figures but for some reason though there seems to be a lot more examples of the Lumat Warrior card out there compared to Paploo. It is rare to even find a Paploo cardback for sale on the internet, let alone a sealed one while sealed Lumat figures come up for sale a couple of times a year.

The sealed Lumat below came up for sale on ebay in April 2011 and Lumat cardbacks appear a few times a year.

The Ewok Warriors together again!

This really is a treat to see, both Ewok Warriors in amazing condition:


But wait, why are we calling them Warriors?

You may well be asking why collectors refer to both of these cards as “Ewok Warrior” cards, especially as only Lumat has the text “Ewok Warrior”.  Well, the Ewok Warrior term has been used multiple times in the past by collectors to describe them and I suppose when you think about it, it’s probably easier to have a group term for the Ewoks rather than stressing over their individual names right? They are just teddy bears after all.

I guess it’s now official – Ewoks are interchangeable!

It would be great if anyone who owns either a sealed Paploo or Lumat Warrior card could contact Trilogo.info (anonymously if they wish) to see just how many of these are out there.

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