Lars-Ola Pehrsson

Here we are with yet another Trilogo collector interview! Get ready for a trip down memory lane with Swedish collector Lars-Ola Pehrsson (Ola) who is going to be discussing his collection and many of his favourite pieces from it! – Hej Ola! Thanks for agreeing to sit down with us and answer some questions!

Ola – No problem at all, I am happy to discuss my collection and share with others! – Now before we get talking Trilogos, I must say sorry for the delay in getting here, approached you about an interview many months back and we almost forgot you! Glad you were still happy to sit down with us eventually.

Ola – Again it’s fine, although I was never really sure if anyone would be interested in hearing my story or viewing my collection anyway but I really enjoy the site and in fact it has got me back into Trilogos in some respects so it’s cool to be featured here 🙂 – Great! So let’s crack on with some questions! How did you get into collecting and where has your interest in Trilogo cards come from?

Ola – Well I was born in 1979 and I got into Star Wars toys from about the ROTJ era, it was around that time that Trilogos were being produced and here in Sweden those are what I saw in the stores as a child. – Awesome, nothing like some nostalgia for the packaging to get you started! As am adult collector what keeps you interested in Trilogos?

Ola – Well as I mentioned, seeing them as a child in stores  and having childhood figures from Trilogo cards was of course my reason for collecting them but I like them for other reasons as well, I really like the logo and the photos that were used on the cards, the photos sometimes feel larger than the Kenner cards even though they really aren’t due to the nameplate at the bottom. 

Of course I love the alternate photo art as well, one of my favourite figures is the TIE Fighter Pilot because of the different art.

(Trilogo TIE Fighter Pilot Photo Art) – Well it’s a coincidence that you like the TIE Fighter Pilot and are Swedish as I *think* the original Kenner photo art for the Trilogo release actually is in a Swedish collection! It really is an amazing piece of art and looks great on the Trilogo card. Back to your personal collection, roughly how many Trilogos do you own currently?

Ola – Hmm, well I don’t have a huge collection of Trilogos, many of the ones I bought are just childhood favourites like Bossk, AT-AT Driver and Vader. I probably have around 25 figures in total on Trilogo cards. – Your collection almost seems bigger because of your great display cabinet, is a display important to you?

Ola – Yes I think it is, the hunt is fun but it’s also nice to have your figures displayed for when you aren’t able to buy or just want to enjoy them, in fact I have been on a break from collecting Trilogos for the last four years because I wanted to collect Kenner ESB cards instead, so I had them on display to enjoy them while I did something else, here is a picture of the rest of my carded figures: – Oh wow so you were on a Trilogo break? Are you firmly back into collecting Trilogos again?

Ola – Well I probably only picked up a couple during those four years and lately I have been wanting to pick up some more childhood favourites, like Luke Jedi and Rebel Commando, in fact one figure I did pick up this year which was one of my favourites was Leia Poncho. – Nice buy, she can be quite tough to find in good condition. Seems like it’s easier to get the Meccano version than the regular Palitoy version sometimes! How comes you like Leia Poncho so much?

Ola – Leia Poncho was one of the last figures I got as a kid and of course she was on a Trilogo card, it’s a great feeling to own a figure nowadays that you had as a kid! In fact I like all the Leia figures that Kenner released and they all look great on Trilogo cards.

Ola – Boushh is probably my favourite Leia figure, it’s a great looking card and I like the dark photo. – Boushh is another great Trilogo figure, I definitely agree, in fact she is on my hit list to complete the ROTJ set actually! Would you like to explain why some of the other figures in your collection are favourites?

Ola – Sure I don’t mind, well I really like Bossk, he is my favourite Bounty Hunter, I clearly remember my childhood figure was the dark limbed Trilogo variation and that is exactly what I have in my collection now.

Ola – Luke X-Wing is my favourite Luke figure, just like Bossk I had the same variation as a kid that I have now in my MOC Trilogo collection.

Ola – At Christmas one year I got the AT-AT Driver and the funny thing is whoever bought it for me had removed it from it’s card and wrapped the figure and the bubble up to fool me into thinking it was something else and not a Star Wars figure, I so wanted to know if it came off of a Trilogo card, I suspect it did. When you look closely at the Trilogo version and the artwork it is kinda of stupid to see the chest plate removed but I still love the card! – Great stories! You have a great memory for Star Wars, any other favourites?

Ola – Oh sure, haha lot’s in fact! Here are a few more quickly:

The AT-AT Commander is one figure I didn’t have as a kid actually but this particular card is one of my favourites in my collection because of its condition and also it completes my little focus of having all the Hoth Imperial troopers on Trilogo cards.

The Snowtrooper is just a great figure, ESB and the Hoth battle scenes were amazing to recreate as a kid.

My TIE Pilot Trilogo I literally bought just because the alternate art is so cool, it’s a great image and looks good on display.

My first ever figure was a Stormtrooper so naturally I had to buy him on a Trilogo card, this one has a Clipper import sticker on the back.

Darth Vader, well..another story here, my cousin had a Vader and before I had my own figures my cousin used to visit and bring his, his Vader was so cool that I used to carry it around with me all day whenever he visited! Everyone should have a Trilogo Darth Vader in their collection! – I see you have an 8D8 in your collection, it doesn’t seem to fit in with all those ESB and SW characters, what’s the story with him? Did you just buy him because he is totally awesome? 😀

Ola – Ha! Well, I just love the card, he looks very evil for a droid. I do actually remember seeing loads of Trilogo 8D8 figures in a clearance bin here in Sweden when Star Wars toys were going out of fashion, I didn’t buy one then because I found a Kenobi and bought him instead! – You sure made up for it now, yours looks great! So Ola, are you looking to complete the entire Trilogo collection or are you just going to stick to childhood favourites?

Ola – Well, it’s great fun collecting them but I am not sure yet, we will see where this goes haha – Thanks once again Ola for chatting to us and allowing us to share your great Trilogo collection!

Ola – Thank you for asking me to take part and keep up the good work on it really is a fun site!

Swedish displays really are great aren’t they? If you want to take part in an interview on please get in 

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