Cardbacks: Beginners Guide

The information that follows is the most basic and widely recognised Designation system for Trilogos.

It is used on both MrPalitoy’s Palitoy cardback guide and also Stephane Faucourt’s Meccano To Trilogo book.

It’s important to note however that not everyone agrees on the 4 common cardback designations we are going to cover in this section.

Experienced collectors will have noticed a lot of different variations that aren’t shown on this four card designation system. With that said, I still believe it is a good beginners guide to the different cardbacks without getting too technical which is why I am including it on

The beginners guide is easy to follow and because of the above mentioned site and publication it’s also commonly used by collectors.

In reality, due to the amount of companies and countries involved in the distribution of Star Wars figures in Trilogo packaging, a designation system like this is far too simple to accurately identify every Trilogo variant.

Many of those subtle yet important variations will be covered in the Advanced Cardback section and you can also check out the Import Sticker & Bubble guides for more information too.

70A :

The 70A is also commonly referred to as a “hybrid” card. It uses a standard Trilogo back design but the front actually resembles an earlier ROTJ Palitoy cardfront.


70B :

The 70B is quite is an easy to find variation and many figures were released on this card type. It’s very close in appearance to the 70C.


70C :

The 70C appears to be a new design of the 70B. It has a noticeably larger white border/racetrack around the figure and the trademark information which was previously outside the border in white text is now inside the border in black text. It is a cheaply produced cardback with a thin matte cardstock.


70D :

The 70D cardback was only used for the POTF (Power of the force) line. You’ll notice that unlike the previous cards, the 70D has an added UPC /barcode section located at the top right hand side.

So there you go! This is pretty basic but many collectors don’t know of the differences, so now when looking at figures you should be able to tell your 70B from your 70C!

If you want even more information on carded Trilogo variations feel free to jump on over to the Advanced guide!

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