The only playset that was reissued in Trilogo packaging was the Ewok Village Action Playset.

It can at times be harder to find than the ROTJ release and as there are lots of parts to the playset you should make sure everything is included when buying one.

Most Trilogo boxed toys can be found with some minor sticker variations like the “Special Buy” UK price sticker. You can also find boxes with import stickers attached, there are some shown in this section of the site – Import Stickers

Ewok Village Action Playset Contents List:

  • Cardboard inserts x 2
  • Instructions
  • Treetop platform
  • Tree “legs” x 3
  • Guard rail/Fence pieces
  • Fire, Spit & Decal Sticker
  • C-3P0’s Throne
  • Throne carrier
  • Elevator
  • Elevator Crank
  • Ewok Drum
  • Capture Net
  • Boulder & String


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