Mini Rigs

There were five different Mini Rigs released in Trilogo packaging:

  • AST-5
  • ISP-6
  • MTV-7
  • One Man Sail Skiff
  • Endor Forest Ranger

I have included the Endor Forest Ranger and One Man Sail Skiff in this section due to their size (even though they are also classed as vehicles).

Of all the Trilogo mini rigs, the hardest to find are the ISP-6 & MTV-7, the rest are quite common.

Most Trilogo boxed toys can be found with some minor sticker variations like the “Special Buy” UK price sticker. You can also find boxes with import stickers attached, there are some shown in this section of the site – Import Stickers.

AST-5 / Armoured Sentinel Transport Vehicle


AST-5 / Armoured Sentinel Transport Vehicle Contents list:

  • Bagged AST-5
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions

One-Man Sail Skiff

One-Man Sail Skiff Contents list:

  • Bagged One-Man Sail Skiff
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions

ISP-6 / Imperial Shuttle Pod Vehicle

ISP-6/Imperial Shuttle Pod Vehicle Contents list:

  • Bagged ISP-6
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions


Endor Forest Ranger

A Variation Of The  Endor Forest Ranger  With A Palitoy Address Sticker

Just like the Rebo band, the Endor Forest Ranger can also be found with the GMJ (General Mills Juguetes) text indicating a Spanish release.


Endor Forest Ranger Contents list:

  • Endor Forest Ranger & Insert
  • Bagged Cannons
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions


MTV-7 / Multi Terrain Vehicle

MTV-7/Multi Terrain Vehicle Contents:

  • Bagged MTV-7/Multi Terrain Vehicle
  • Decal Sticker Sheet
  • Instructions

Many toys released in Spain during the Trilogo period were packed with a PBP ROTJ leaflet like the one shown above, if you encounter one of these leaflets inside a boxed toy it would indicate it was sold in Spain.

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